November 4, 2013

3D Content Fall 2013

Everywhere I go, the first question educators, manufacturers, and resellers ask me about 3D in education is entirely predictable: “What kind of content is available in 3D?” Twice a year, I release a list of available stereo 3D content specific to the educational market.

I started reporting my comprehensive list in January 2010, with my first report highlighting seven software companies producing stereo 3D content for the educational market. That’s all we could find at that time. Something interesting has happened along the way. Today, three years later, our awareness of the number of 3D educational content publishers has grown to thirty two. And it’s still growing. That’s a growth trajectory in excess of 450%. An interesting development to note is the increasing emergence of more 3D content for the elementary classroom.

Here’s a link to my October 2013 list of producers of 3D educational content. The content producers are listed in alphabetic order, along with a few salient comments on each provider. Enjoy!

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