March 28, 2011

New Content Update

The landscape for 3D educational content is constantly improving. In this post we will highlight some of the latest developments.

JTM Concepts has recently upgraded the graphics on most of their simulations, now featuring a richer, deeper negative parallax experience for the classroom. Teachers will love it. They have also introduced a promising new DNA simulation activity (screen shots shown below).


Safari Montage has recently partnered with Cyber-Science to bring interactive 3D models in both stereo and non-stereo to their already rich media product line. Two premium product lines now partnering--it's a very good sign.

Designmate has expanded their animated video product line to include 6,000 topics for the K12 curriculum, including virtual experiments and interactives. For those unfamiliar with this company, they produce highly-focused and studio-quality video shorts. These video segments are typically 4 minutes in length, which is just perfect for the classroom. Designmate currently features more than 200+ stereoscopic topics within the science curriculum. Most importantly, they have aggressively reduced prices and are marketing one of the most cost-effective solutions I have seen. And what a collection!

March 21, 2011

3D Word Cloud

This week's post features a word cloud that summarizes the message and recurring themes in this blog since its very inception. Click on the cloud to expand it. Enjoy.

March 14, 2011

3D @ ISTE 2011

This year’s ISTE conference will be held from June 26th through June 29th in the friendly city of Philadelphia. Numerous 3D content and equipment providers will no doubt have a major presence at this conference, featuring a rich array of DLP 3D-ready projectors and solutions. I will be there with an outstanding team of educators presenting a poster session entitled “3D Comes to School: the Story Continues” on Monday, June 27, from 11:00-1:00 p.m. Please look us up.

I did a quick search on the term "3D" in ISTE's conference offerings database. In the attachment below, you can see every presentation with the search tag "3D" in the description. As you can see, there is only one presentation about 3D stereo:

March 7, 2011

STEM and 3D

The prestigious national research firm, IESD, just announced the release of a national report on the status of STEM education in the U.S.  I am highlighting this report in our Future-Talk 3D blog for two reasons:

1.     Since state and federal STEM funding are a chief means to acquire dollars to support school and university 3D learning projects, this report will likely be useful to educational leaders. 

2.     Current U.S. STEM priorities will undoubtedly be of great interest to many of the 3D software and hardware manufacturers who visit this blog.

The press release for this report is provided below. Be aware that there is a cost associated with this report, however.