February 26, 2018

VR in a Card

Have you sent a VR Hallmark Card yet? Has VR gone mainstream or are legacy greeting card companies essentially jumping on the train? You decide.  

These VR greeting cards are now for sale in the Hallmark section of cards at your grocery store, and are probably available at Hallmark stores. Uh-oh—the Hallmark people should watch Pattinson’s Art of 3D Cinema video. I don't think their product is as artistically rich as it could be.

February 19, 2018

VR Games Crowdcast

An interesting four-day conference event held this summer is now available for on-demand viewing online at this link. This crowdcast brought together many of the power brokers of the VR/AR/MR industry for a delightful sharefest. 

A few educators were in attendance, greatly enjoying the conference, although expressing worry about the repeated reference to virtual reality use in education as ‘edutainment.’  “We just have to get them to avoid using the term ‘edutainment’”, quipped one educator, while others agreed. That eleven-letter word (never to be spoken aloud in educational circles) is the kiss of death as far as educational gatekeepers, leaders, and purse holders are concerned, mind you. Of course, the conference speakers were referring to ‘light’ educational uses of VR in the home consumer market, and not K-20 education. Still, it’s an unfortunate dog whistle in formal education circles. Good to know.

February 12, 2018

A New Name

LinkedIn’s 10,000+ member Stereoscopic 3D Media and Technology Group got both a new name and a shot of virtual adrenaline. 

They are now called the “VR AR Media Group” on LinkedIn, and membership has grown steadily. This move is consistent with what I see happening in education circles, as the VR motif has all but replaced the legacy 3D meme of the past. 

Please visit the group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3671

February 5, 2018

Future-Talk 3D VR Worldview

Добрый день      Bom dia   مرحبا   こんにち Bienvenidos

The Future-Talk 3D VR blog serves a diverse international audience interested in educational 3D and VR. Our readers might be interested in seeing which countries are our top blog visitors. Based on web impressions, here is how the data shape up:

It is worthwhile to note that Russia has been a real leader consistently; and that, over the years, there is a relentless back-and-forth wrestling match between the other countries on this list.

Are there any surprises here? Or are these just “the usual suspects?” What do you think? Please comment.

Of course, this chart only represents the top ten. Many hundreds of other visitors have frequented this blog, coming from countries all over the world. Future-Talk 3D VR blog has been visited by nearly every country in North, South, and Central America. The same is true for Europe; the entire Middle East is also broadly represented. Most of Asia has visited us, as well as the plurality of countries from Africa.  

I want to thank you for your deep and committed interest in 3D and VR in education. Please write me, let me know what you are doing in your country. I would love to feature some interviews in 2018.