January 26, 2011

When Students Create The Content

In a previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to revisit the tools that could be used for students to construct their own 3D content. We started to see the emergence of these tools at the ISTE 2010 conference, and now is the time to make good on my promise to cover this territory.
To date, the following tools look promising in terms of reaching that goal. (I suspect, however, that the system requirements for each of these tools will be quite daunting, in terms of our often limited K-12 platform realities.)
Reallusion’s iClone 4
Eon Reality’s Eon Studio (basic) and Eon SDK (more versatile)
Unity’s free 3D product (in use by our 3D Jedi, Jeff Epps)
To quote, Texas Instrument’s Jaime Beringer, last year’s question was “Where is the content?”Now it’s “When can I create my own content?” I believe that all 3D content producers should provide authoring tools to accommodate the student-constructed content development space.

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