January 22, 2011

3D Shoot

In fall of 2010, I took a a short vacation in Southern Colorado, moving from small town to even smaller hamlet, enjoying local B&Bs as I shuttled around. Arriving in picturesque and bustling La Veta, Colorado, I was driving down the main drag looking for the 1899 B&B, when suddenly my eyes were riveted to a sign on the side of the road:
Wow! What was this? Had stereoscopic 3D technology made its way into rural and rustic backwoods Colorado? I was compelled to find out. My imagination leaped like a Colorado antelope over a prairie fence. What would this be? A chance to be in a 3D movie shoot? A new 3D nature film being screened in the community hall? A 3D symposium being held in the authentic backchannel of Colorado's pride? A 3D shooting arcade?

Following the long green arrow, I made my way down a hot and vacant street that intersected with La Veta's main thoroughfare. I pushed on through a lush canopy of trees, and across a bridge that safeguarded my vehicle from the rushing muddy waters of the Cucharas river. As the paved road gave way to a dirt carpet, I pressed forward. Soon the road grew rough and climbed steeply upward, with ruts and rocks so large that only a four-wheel-drive vehicle could reliably navigate its challenging corridor. I emerged at a fenced intersection with more signs pointing to the event I so craved. And here is what I found:

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