January 2, 2011

3D is Here

One promising projector capability (soon to arrive to a school near you) is the ability to project 3D images inexpensively, and with remarkable quality.  You know, 3D like in the movies—Toy Story, Ice Age, or G-Force.

If you’ve been going to any movies lately, you may have noticed that the 3D theater marketplace has been noticeably increasing. Expanding from just a few titles a year, we’ve seen the commercial release of over twenty 3D films in 2009, and more than fifty in 2010. Interestingly, more than a hundred 3D films are now in planning or production for 2011, queued for release by Hollywood.

To see a picture of Len at the Dicken's Christmas Carol 3D movie, click here.
To see a close up of the newest movie goers' essentials click here.

One 3D film, in particular, seemed to revolutionize the way we think about the scope and possibilities of 3D viewing: the movie AVATAR represented a ground-breaking technological leap for 3D visualization (along with a compelling environmental story).

I am mentioning this movie here, because it marked a milestone in the field of 3D viewing, as well as an excellent external reference or bookmark to the themes we will discuss in the next sections of this blog. See the movie yourself, but see it in 3D:  http://www.avatarmovie.com/

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