April 11, 2016

The LinkedIn 3D Surge

‘Shufti’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘look!’ It was brought back to Britain after the Second World War by returning soldiers who learned the word from Arab peddlers. Its meaning now suggests taking a quick look around. That’s the purpose of this and next week's posts—taking a 3D shufti—a speedy reconnoiter of some happenings in the area of educational 3D.

Many of you know that I am the online community manager for the Stereoscopic 3d Media and Technology group on LinkedIn. By the way, we renamed the special interest group in order to keep up with the 3D VR movement. It is now the LinkedIn Stereoscopic 3d and VR Media and Technology group.

I’ve noticed an interesting development over the last four or five months, a definite wave. We’ve seen a sudden surge of 3D, VR, and production professionals joining our ranks at the clip of a dozen a week, after a two-year lull. Lots of new faces. New companies. New VR content divisions. It makes you wonder. Why are folks are starting to creep in after such a long absence? A spate of new startups? Companies showing interest in ramping up content for the coming VR tsunami? Something is up, not sure what. Take a look. Join us!

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