September 7, 2015

More 3D Resources

Here are some additional rendered or stereo 3D resources that are garnering attention (see posting from two weeks ago on 3D apps):

  • Mars 3D.  A NASA website from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California Institute of Technology, this features a gallery with dozens of images of Mars, which students can view with 3D glasses. If students don’t have 3D glasses, NASA provides directions and a PDF template for making your own 3D glasses at home or at school.
  • The Largest Rodent in the World (in 3D). Here’s a short (5 minutes) 3D video by Helio A. G. Souza (Stereo 3D Filmaker; Professor and Researcher at UFMS / Stereoscopy, 3D Documentary, Brazil), featuring the infamous Capybara. It's on youtube at and can be viewed in 3D only using Internet Explorer or Firefox. A co-production of Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil and the Hochschule für Gestaltüng in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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