March 30, 2015

People are Strange

When you're strange, 
Faces come out of the rain; 
When you're strange, 
No one remembers your name;
When you're strange, 
When you're strange, 
When you're strange.
The Doors, “People are Strange”

People are strange. There’s a peculiar disconnect I sometimes find coming from both educational 3D detractors and 3D supporters—and it’s mystifying. Here ‘s one example:

Are 3D sales folks and even 3D educators merely tire kickers? Is that part of the problem? At a 3D conference held at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, an MIT keynote speaker asked how many folks in the audience owned a 3D TV or device themselves.  I quickly raised my hand.  But less than ten percent of the audience, mostly represented by 3D manufacturers and 3D-using educators, joined me. That represents a huge disconnect. Folks want to make money off this technology—or deploy it in their educational setting—but still don’t appear committed, at a personal level, themselves.

People are strange.

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  1. Hi Len. Thank you for your post. The industry is still flooded with private entrepreneurs only seeking to make a profit. These individuals do not understand education and they don't care to. Please rest assure that there are businesses out there seeking ot advance education with 3D. We are just waiting for the dust to settle. When the dust settles we will be sure to work primarily with organizations that have demonstrated the highest ethics throughout this initial stage of 3D in Education.