February 9, 2015

Doing 3D Well

 “To become the most successful integrator of educational 3D in the world takes moxie,” I wrote last week. I was describing Okulda 3D, operating in Istanbul. Okulda’s founder, Kerem Özdagistanli, has sold 3D education solutions to more than 250+ institutions in Turkey, with no end of that upwards spiral in sight. This begs two questions: “What does Okulda do that is so unique?” and “How does that differ from the work of others?”
In Search of the Secret Sauce
First, Okulda specializes. They concentrate on the 3D education. They have the know-how to make installations successful. “We do work with partners [like smartboard, furniture, projector, and computer companies], but we don’t sell anything else,” explains Mr. Özdagistanli. “We are experts, and we focus on our main business, the 3D education area.” He adds: [In Turkish culture] “it is common for many salespeople to claim that they can ‘do’ 3D: ‘We can do that also,’ is the refrain.” But they simply can’t do 3D as well, as successfully, or as stylishly, as Okulda.
It About Flair

The more I look at Okulda, the more I realize that they don’t sell vanilla 3D solutions. They sell 3D with flair. Call it what you want. Style. Verve. Dash. Panache. It’s 3D with a small touch of genius. First, it works. Second, these installations look good. Very good. It’s 3D with a certain flair. See some of their 250+ installation examples below, to understand what I am saying:

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