February 16, 2015

3D as Advantage

In our third post in this series about 3D in Turkey, and the story of Okulda3D, we delve into a critical point. 

In an age of unprecedented competition for student enrollment and dollars, schools everywhere need a comparative advantage. An edge. Enter Okulda3D. Part of the reason for their success in reaching schools is that they offered a sense of the upscale, something out-of-the-ordinary. To potential students and their parents, there is no doubt that their installations are perceived as offering something worthwhile, something attention getting, a form of non-vanilla education.  (See the pictures in our previous post as a clear example.) 

In the U.S., we tend to package new technologies (e.g., 3D) in old containers (traditional classroom settings). Doing so creates an uncomfortable overlay—strange bedfellows, if you will. Not so with Okulda 3D, operating in Istanbul. Okulda’s founder, Kerem √Ėzdagistanli, has sold 3D education solutions to more than 250+ institutions in Turkey, with no end of that upwards spiral in sight. Why is Okulda so effective at promoting 3D well, so prolifically? It’s because they are promoting advantage. An advantage in learning. Aesthetic advantage. And 3D, of course, is its own advantage in education.

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