June 23, 2014

Wassup @ ISTE

The annual ISTE conference is rapidly approaching, convening this year in Atlanta. Besides the 3D Network events mentioned in last week's post, there are many other exciting 3D things happening at this large ed-tech conference.

In the Conference Sessions

The upcoming ISTE conference has currently scheduled twenty-one 3D-related presentations in their slate of sessions. Of these, five sessions feature Rendered-3D solutions; six sessions highlight 3D printing; five sessions showcase 3D design in education; and five sessions specifically focus on stereo 3D in education.

Traditionally offering only a few sessions a year, this session expansion at ISTE represents the largest increase in recent history.

In other news, Holli Hillman (see Best 3D Educator in the U.S.) will be presenting jointly with me for Depth-defying Learning: the top 10 new developments in educational 3D on Monday, June 30, 1:15 pm - 3:15 pm (GWCC Murphy Ballroom Galleria, Table 24).

In the Exhibit Hall

Preliminary details indicate that 3D design (3D Gamelab, Autodesk, and Realalusion), 3D visualization (DesignMate, Lumens, CubeDigiCo, Sterling Pixels, and zSpace), and 3D printing (Makerbot and Stratasys) will be there in force. Also, AV Rover will be exhibiting.

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