June 9, 2014

Hashtag, learnmorefaster

Let’s conclude our series on Learning Efficiency (when teaching using 3D) with a few crucial takeaways.

Learning efficiency is easy to track, document, demonstrate, and report. Research projects, pilot projects, reference sites, or case studies can easily collect quantifiable data on learning efficiency.

Sadly, those involved in promoting 3D in the classroom—hardware manufacturers, content providers, integrators, and resellers—are more interested in conveying the “wow factor” or “student engagement” benefits of 3D instruction than demonstrating the solid benefits of learning efficiency. Plucking the low-hanging fruit of “retention” also seems popular with many 3D companies or school projects. But why settle for anecdotal evidence, folksy stories, or meaningless retention data?

I am simply suggesting that folks will impress, attract, convince, and sell to far more leaders, decision makers, or teachers if they remember the value of learning efficiency when they design or implement planned 3D pilot projects, case studies, and rollouts. What do you think?

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