February 11, 2013

Implementing 3D (Part 3)

This is the final post in my series offering advice about implementing 3D projects in your own setting. If you are in a state of planning, each tip is  an important strategy for implementing a 3D pilot project in a school or university setting.

Tip #3
It’s also important to find and use integratorsIn a Future-Talk 3D post long ago, I spoke about the vital role of integrators in implementing and supporting 3D projects in classroom settings.
An integrator is a company that can help ‘integrate’ the disparate pieces involved classroom 3D projects, whether at the K-12 or university level. An integrator can help identify the needed hardware components, help you identify high-quality 3D glasses, offer sound technical advice, provide helpful technical support, solve problems over the long-haul, and even suggest appropriate 3D content.

In a word, an integrator can help simplify often confusing 3D technologies, making your road toward instructional success much easier and trouble-free. Most importantly, they can prevent you from making costly mistakes. I have recently updated my list of trusted 3D-capable integrators. These folks know their business. Some of them are better at individual PC or small setting installations; others are better at large scale installations, such as classrooms. They know 3D and I know their work. Presented in alphabetic order, they are:

3Dlivesurgery (Europe)
Aulanova (South and Latin America)
AV Rover (international)
Boson (U.S.)
Conference Technologies (U.S. University venues)
Eon Reality (international)
Mechdyne (University, military and high-end venues, Intl)
Nvidia (U.S.)
Okulda 3D (Turkey)
Reachout Interactives (International)
XpandD (international)

(If any of my readers also represent an integrator firm with which I am currently unaware, please leave a comment below, listing your web site; and please contact me via email, so that I can update my list.)


  1. Thank you Len. I couldn't agree more. A company wanting to make an impact in the Educational 3D Market really should consider offering the full range of sales and implementation services required to ensure student and teacher success.

  2. Hi Len
    We are a 3D software developer and Integrator out of the UK. We have been installing 3D systems in schools for the last 9 years and have over 200 installations in the UK. We understand and integrate all of the current 3D technologies and offer schools a turnkey solution. We were also involved in the Texas Instruments Pilot project in the Uk that used our software and have been involved in TI's 3D development program. Our 3D software is now installed in about 20 countries around the world. See
    www.reachout-interactives.com and

    Kind Regards
    Nigel Rodwell - Technical Director n.rodwell@amazing-int.com