April 11, 2011

3D Integrators

In my humble opinion, the role of integrators in creating 3D projects in a school is invaluable.

An integrator is a company that can help ‘integrate’ the disparate pieces involved in your classroom 3D project. An integrator can help identify the needed hardware components, offer sound technical advice, provide helpful technical support and problem solving over the long-haul, and even suggest appropriate 3D content.

In a word, an integrator can help simplify often confusing 3D technologies, making your road toward instructional success much easier and straighter. In my article, “3D Comes to School” (see January posting), I listed several such integrators. Since that time, I have updated my list of 3D integators:

(If any of my readers also represent an integrator firm with which I am currently unaware, please leave a comment below, listing your web site; and please contact me via email, so that I can update my list.)

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