April 18, 2011

3D Simulation

Last week, a friend of mine attended a series of presentations made to customers from the U.S. military at the 27th National Space Symposium. One of the presentations, which was conducted by Boeing, was an immersive 3D battlefield simulation so realistic that the sense of engagement was palpable and heads were clearly bobbing. The simulation employed 3D to replicate a battlefield experience with the confusion, sounds, and explosions of real warfare—followed by shrapnel whizzing past their heads or flak exploding dangerously nearby. The notion was to build soldier and communications preparedness, quick thinking, and readiness well in advance of any real combat action.

Since I am more of the peaceful sort of person, I swiftly conjured possible applications for K-16 and adult education in this same vein.  Using 3D content to foster preparedness, quick thinking, and ‘field’ readiness could easily be applied in such areas as:

-         plant and employee safety
-         emergency training
-         driver’s education (please don’t laugh!)
-         athletic competition training
-         physical education

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