April 4, 2011

A 3D Lagniappe

Question: “What 3D announcement made in March resulted in over half a billion web impressions in just two weeks?”
Answer: The 3D lagniappe.

Lagniappe” is a Cajun term meaning “a little extra,” or a bonus gift. (For example, if you were to receive a free slice of scrumptious pecan pie after ordering the large-sized crawfish etouffee—that would be a lagniappe. Or if, at the end of a workshop, a presenter gave everyone in the room a practical new tip, immediately usable—that, too, would be a lagniappe.)

This metaphor is absolutely the best way to describe what is currently erupting in the 3D world. In a recent announcement, the American Optometry Association took a significant position on 3D viewing, and this announcement has since reverberated around the globe. The upshot is that viewing 3D is strongly encouraged by the AOA.  Viewing 3D—in theaters, on home television sets, on game consoles, and in our nation’s classrooms—appears to serve as one of the most reliable and effective vision screeners ever offered. It’s apparently far more effective than the standard eye-chart test.
Who could have imagined? It’s an unexpected bonus, a “little extra” gift for 3D-using schools. Although we are seeing very positive results in classrooms that are using 3D, now we have a 3D lagniappe—a tremendous health benefit is now associated with this impactful teaching tool.

Take a look for yourself by checking out these national announcements: 

Special Notes:

1.  In mid-May, I plan to populate this blog with a rich series of posts about the learning results and successes we are now seeing in our pilot 3D classrooms.  The 3D lagniappe above is just your appetizer!
2.  Yes, I’ve been serving on the national AOA team that has been developing a position paper on this topic. Our work is expected to be released sometime in June—so please stay tuned!

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