March 7, 2016

3D Vision and Early Readers

Reading. What does it take to be successful? Part of the answer is physiological. For the early learner, how well vision works is vital. Children’s eyes must be able to track, focus, and team (work together). Successful reading requires our eyes to track a line and focus on a word or letter—and our eyes must do those things together, or team. Healthy vision deeply influences a child’s achievement in reading, learning, success in sports, and future career choices.

Enter modern day virtual reality. Virtual reality experiences are a hot-button technology these days. But is this immersive technology safe for our eyes? Of course, the answer is yes. But there’s a deeper story here. 3D virtual reality experiences also require our eyes to track, focus, and team. Sound familiar? Those are the same capabilities required for successful early reading, as described above.

I am writing this from Austin, Texas, while presenting here at the SXSWedu conference. Our presentation involves how 3D and VR technologies are being used to screen for and improve early childhood vision. And to screen for potential reading inhibitors. Bet you didn’t know there was a direct connection. Now you do!

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