August 10, 2015

3D in Austin

At a recent conference, one of the most impressive 3D displays greeted me –not at the convention center—but at the Austin airport. 

Near the famous standing guitars (at the baggage claim area), directly opposite the statue of Barbara Jordan, I discovered a striking autostereoscopic display (glasses-free 3D). If you follow Barbara Jordan’s frozen gaze upwards, one will find three large mounted autostereoscopic displays (probably lenticular), each conveying a part of the “Texas” experience. The single most striking display messaged the importance of technology in the Texas economy. 

While the other autostereoscopic displays ranged from lackluster to average, the 3D effect of the technology-themed display was riveting, leaping out of the screen. You’ve got to see this one for yourself, the next time you find yourself in Austin. Keep Austin weird.

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