August 25, 2014

Constructing 3D (1)

Tools for Stereo 3D Authoring 

I am often asked the question "What tools can I have my students use to construct images and content in stereo 3D?" There are many options, but here is my short list. Feel free to post a comment highlighting other tools not listed.

Unity offers a free version for educators. Used in heavily in North Carolina schools

Blender is a free open-source tool for educators. Used in heavily in Iowa and VREP schools

Reallusion offers iClone V, a low-cost design tool

Houdini offers a free apprentice/educator version of this tool used to make most Hollywood movies!

Maya (just google maya stereoscopic 3d for more resources; the word stereoscopic is important)

Eon Reality offers Eon Creator, a commercial tool

Sculptris is a tool some of the schools in the VREP program are using to great effect.

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