September 23, 2013

On the Road Again

I’m doing quite a bit of presenting this year on Teaching and Learning with Depth (transformative teaching and learning using stereo 3D). Here is a current list showing my speaking schedule through February, in case you are interested in attending. If you are in the vicinity, it’s also always a good excuse for an opportunity to meet and have some coffee or conversation.

Location and Date
Lakewood, CO
October 3
-       Teaching with DEPTH for Technology Educators
Orlando, FL
October 10
-       Experiences with Simulated 3D in Classrooms
zCon East
Boston, MA
October 21
-       3D in Education: Important Things to Know about Depth-defying Learning

Minneapolis, MN
December 16-17
-       Exhibit hall booth presentations (tentative)
Austin, TX
February 4
-       Depth-defying Learning with 3D (3 hour workshop)

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