June 10, 2013

SIG3D Goes Supernova

In my recent post, Whither eS3D, I made the following prediction:

The new SIG 3D formed by ISTE will double its membership and establish a growing foothold in educational technology.”

At last year’s interest meeting we saw approximately 47+ folks in attendance, mostly educators and a few manufacturers. My prediction was that SIG3D membership would grow to nearly 100 members this year. Then I reported in a very recent post that SIG3D membership has clearly exceeded expectations by exploding to more than 571 members as of April 1st.

Yet the good news is not over. Are you sitting down? As of June 1st, SIG3D membership has gone supernova, and is now boasting more than 1,064 members! 

Deadline Extended
On a second note, the deadline for submitting a presentation for the ISTE Inaugural SIG3D Gathering has been extended to this Wednesday, June 12. The details, provided by SIG3D Chair Nancye Blair, have been reproduced below for your convenience. Please consider throwing your hat in the ring.

Are you an innovator, successfully using stereoscopic 3D technologies in education?  If so, we would love to showcase you in a 3D Learning Station at our SIG3D Gathering! The Inaugural SIG3D Gathering will take place at the ISTE 2013 Conference on Tuesday, June 25 from 5:00 - 6:15 PM at the SACC Social Butterfly & Newbie Lounge, West Reg.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the 3D Learning Stations for a portion of the time during that event.  Learning Station Presenters will need to arrive by 4:30 PM to set up their station.  Possible topics include: 3D learning projects and activities, student-created 3D media, teaching with stereoscopic 3D content, technical suggestions for IT management, lessons enhanced with 3D technologies, or other creative ideas! The Submissions deadline has been extended through midnight, June 12th. You may submit to present with THIS FORM. 

Thank you for your support of SIG3D and your commitment to innovation in education.  We can't wait to see you in San Antonio!

**Attention SIG3D Corporate Members: We would like to feature as many stereoscopic 3D technologies as possible.  If you would like to support this event, please consider encouraging an educator who uses your product to submit as a Learning Station Presenter for our SIG3D Gathering.

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