May 6, 2013

Healing Glasses

I am an amblyope. I have had amblyopia as long as I can remember. It’s known as “lazy eye,” but that is too kind of a euphemism. I’ve been through every treatment you can imagine over the years, and still I possess 20/200 vision in my right eye. Amblyopia’s effects on my eyes have been deleterious, to say the least. It affects my work, learning, driving, sports abilities, entertainment, and my ability to enjoy Colorado’s beautiful natural environment, which so richly surrounds me.

Many amblyopes cannot see 3D movies or media without discomfort, if at all. I am an outlier. For some clinically veiled reason, I can enjoy 3D fully. And do I ever.

In promising development, we are seeing some of the innovations used in 3D technology now being applied to the arena of vision care and treatment. Building upon their intense expertise in optics and 3D glasses technologies, I was delighted to see that XPAND recently announced a clinical solution that promises to reverse the challenges faced by children and adults with this unfortunate eye disorder.  Called Amblyz, XPAND has created a medical device used to treat amblyopia, shaped in the form of normal glasses. Working with world-renowned ophthalmologists and optometrists, this solution has undergone steep clinical trials as well as scholarly peer review in scientific journals, and is now launching into the medical market. Due to the medical nature of this offering, Amblyz is only sold through referring optometrists and opthalmologists, and not direct to consumers or patients. You can learn more about this new (and I believe, 3D-influenced) therapeutic technology at this site: AMBLYZ

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