August 6, 2012

eS3D Content Grows

Everywhere I go, the first question educators and industry leaders ask me about 3D in education is entirely predictable: “What kind of content is available in 3D?” On LinkedIn and other websites, the same question endlessly churns on throughout the year. Here's the answer. Twice a year, I release a special report on stereo 3D content available specifically for the educational market. I call it educational stereo 3D or eS3D for short.

I started reporting my comprehensive list in January, 2010. My first report highlighted seven software companies producing stereo 3D content for the educational market. That’s all we could find at that time. Something interesting has happened along the way. Today, two-and-a-half years later, our awareness of the number of 3D educational content publishers has grown to twenty-five. That’s more than a 350% increase. And it’s still growing. Please remember—with most of this content, we are not talking about “3D movies.” In fact, 3D educational content represents a diversity of approaches and design. (See my chart below, clicking on it to expand the view.)

Another interesting development to watch is the increasing emergence of more content for the elementary classroom.

Come back to Future-Talk 3D next Monday for my Summer 2012 posting of 3D educational content producers. Next week, I will post the complete downloadable list of content producers, listing each in alphabetic order with links to the best spots in their web pages. What a great way to start the school year!

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