July 16, 2012

3D Magic

Here’s something useful for educators I learned about last year, but I did not have editorial time in the blog schedule to cover it until now. But it’s worth knowing about. NVIDIA has a product called 3D Vision that can convert traditional PC games—some of them well known off-the-shelf educational games or simulations (in education we often call them “serious games”)—into stereoscopic 3D.

And as you can see from the picture above, it is even possible to increase the depth, or parallax budget, of each scene. It turns ordinary educational simulations into quite immersive experiences. While speaking at the annual research conference at Pacific University’s vision performance institute, I noticed Dave Cook, the chief 3D Vision software architect from NVIDIA, sitting in the audience. I quickly asked him for an interview, which he graciously provided. The interview is provided below. He reveals some new information that few people know about 3D Vision...

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