July 4, 2011

3D@ISTE: AOA Press Release

Some of the most impactful research in the world of educational 3D is being led by the American Optometric Association. Last week, at the ISTE 2011 conference, the AOA issued a special press release provided below, in its entirety:

Referenced at the bottom of the press release is a heart-warming story, an event which occurred just last week in Florida. When 3D viewing difficulties were identified in a kindergarten-aged child, the resulting comprehensive eye exam led to the discovery of a congenital eye muscle disease that can now be treated five years before it would typically have even been diagnosed.

It is also interesting to reflect on the notion that 3D technologies will likely be required in the treatment of many of the eye disorders now being safely diagnosed through the use of 3D in homes, schools, universities, and cinemas.

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