January 23, 2011

Why 3D Works

Dr. Hilliard Jason (M.D., Ed.D.), a clinical professor with the School of Medicine at the University of Colorado-Denver and the former editor of Education for Health: Change in Learning and Practice, offers an interesting explanation as to why 3D may be so appealing to our younger generations.

I cornered Dr. Jason at the fall CU COLTT 2010 technology conference for this on-the-spot interview. I appreciate his insight, which is based on his work in brain research, how the body works, and his sense-making of very recent literature.

Dr. Rod Archer, Vice-President of Cinema Products for RealD added this thought, as well:

"I agree.  That video makes a very good point.  In fact, our brains need to learn to accommodate 2D images as an impression of the real world.  We all learn to do this at a young age, so we don’t appreciate the compromise anymore.  It is ironic when you think of it this way that 3D images are now considered something that we need to learn to accommodate…."

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