January 19, 2011

3D @ ISTE 2010

In the closing days of June, over 17,000 technology educators and exhibitors stormed the mile-high city of Denver for the ISTE 2010 conference. I have attended many ISTE conferences over the years, but this was the first conference I can remember with such a strong and persistent 3D-thematic presence.

  First, ISTE offered over fourteen sessions with some treatment of 3D in education, including 3D Comes to School, which was a well-attended session conducted by two of our own Boulder Valley teachers, along with an outstanding Dallas-based special educator, and a respected school principal. (This was the only session dedicated to stereoscopic 3D, however, as the other sessions centered on virtual 3D.)

Third, the exhibit hall was flush with a 3D-related presence, including Texas Instruments, Cyber-Anatomy, JTM Concepts, DesignMate, Reallusion, XpanD, AV Rover, RealD, and a myriad of projector companies featuring 3D-ready projectors. Other well-known companies were also whispering to key clients about future plans in the 3D space.

Finally, the conference also evidenced the emergence of a few companies supporting 3D content creation by students. Now that's interesting. We'll discuss that development in more detail in a future post.

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