January 28, 2011

Why 3D Counts

In a previous post (Why 3D Works), we spent some time trying to explain why 3D is such a compelling medium in the marketplace, especially for students. This post dares to explain "why 3D counts"—why 3D may hold promise for the classroom, for promoting interest in STEM careers, and for pushing math and science achievement forward.

At the ISTE 2010 technology conference, I met a remarkable Russian computer scientist, now residing in the U.S., who pointed me to the insightful "meta-analysis" by Dr. Nora Newcombe. I procrastinated for 6 months before I took a closer look. That was a mistake! A link to the 'aha!' article is provided below. Read on. It's well worth your time. Seriously.

Increasing Math and Science Learning by Improving Spatial Thinking 

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