November 30, 2015

3D in Higher Ed: China Edition

The Jiayuguan Branch of Gansu Province’s RTVU (Radio and Television University) announced their first “3D Guide Simulation Experiment & Training Room.” This is a “Multi-Channel Dome Projection System”, one which employs VR technology to simulate 3D stereoscopic scenery. (For more information on dome projection systems in general, see this link.) The project was funded jointly by the Gansu Provincial Department of Education, which invested 1 million Yuan, along with the Jiayuguan RTVU Branch, which provided an additional 300,000 Yuan for the solution.

According to a spokesperson, students sitting in the new training dome can “travel forty thousand kilometers per day in one place” and are freely able to explore many famous scenic spots around the country. The scenes created by this immersive virtual simulation display environment are uniquely placed “within arm’s reach.” The platform can also support 3D films, pictures, PowerPoint, audio/video files, video conferencing, and distance learning.

The solution is used for training students for the growing tourism and hospitality industry in Jiayuguan City (known for the in Jiayuguan pass, the Great Wall, tombs, glaciers, stone carvings, mounds, and glider recreation), which has experienced rapid growth in the last few years. Using the platform, students are able to practice tour guide explanation and language skills. The RTVU also plans to use the dome for simulation practice and teaching in the specialties of mechanical engineering, auto repair, and architecture. 

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