November 16, 2015

The Way Forward (2)

In his insightful book, Think in 3D, DeSouza points the way to the future for 3D. DeSouza emphasizes three main ideas to provide  a way forward for 3D. Here is the second.

Interactivity. DeSouza submits that it’s time for more interactivity in 3D. “Real-time, stop-and-look-around interactivity is the way forward for a truly immersive experience,” he says. “This emotes in the audience feelings of belonging and identifying with the world being presented.” He issues a clarion call for the creation of more “3D engines for realistic stereoscopic 3D virtual worlds.”

Of course, DeSouza is on right on target again. Although interactivity already serves as the bread and butter in the video game industry, that is not so in 3D in education. In 3D learning, content must change. Interactivity must be reified—it must become the thing. Current educational 3D content manufacturers produce interactive simulations as an afterthought. There aren’t very many. That needs to change. DeSouza predicts that this may occur within the context of 3D VR. It's something to think about.

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