November 9, 2015

The Way Forward (1)

Over the last month, we took time to translate many of the powerful creative thoughts of Clyde DeSouza into the context of education.  In our next three posts, we will address the question “What is the way forward for 3D educational content?”

In his insightful book, Think in 3D, DeSouza points the way to the future for 3D. DeSouza emphasizes three main ideas to provide  a way forward for 3D. Here is the first.

Modular Digital Assets.  DeSouza calls for the use of modular digital assets in 3D. He defines digital assets as a reusable collection of “…3D computer models (CGI), digital sketches, and other elements such as video clips and animations done by artists [used to] make modern movies.”
In education, there is a strong need for a growing and interchangeable library of modular digital assets in 3D. Companies like 3DHub and Eon Reality are already headed down this pathway.  On the development side, some educational 3D content designers, like Sensavis, employ an engine that ensures new content doesn’t always emerge from a ‘made-from-scratch’ recipe.  Some 3D content designers, like CubeDigico and DesignMate, are providing substantial curriculum coverage with very broad offerings, enough to make a difference in almost any lesson plan.

Effective digital assets for the education market must be modular, carved into smaller and more focused segments, interchangeable, and mashable. Above all, these digital assets must be tolerant of changing technologies, competing products, and classroom realities.

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