September 9, 2013

3D@ISTE 2013 (2)

Of course, not all 3D at ISTE (see last week’s post), was in the exhibit hall. There were four sessions dedicated to 3D in the conference proceedings. 
The first was an open house booth for SIG3D, the newly formed ISTE special interest group dedicated to all things 3D. I was there helping out, and it was slammed with interested educators. 
The second session was a poster session offered by SIG3D president, Nancye Blair-Black. This session was also well attended and buzzing with activity. Nancye does that to folks! 
The third session involved the initial kick-off meeting of the new SIG3D. I will write more about this event later, but it was well attended. 
The last session was a poster session dedicated to 3D printing. It was not well attended, but that made perfect sense. There were zero 3D printing companies exhibiting at this conference. ISTE is not the strongest conference for 3D printing aficionados—that’s the hallmark of technology education conferences. For an explanation, see my recent Future-Talk 3D posts (3D in Tech Ed 1 and 3D in Tech Ed 2) explaining the difference between the “technology education” and the “educational technology” marketplace.

No doubt one of the best years ever. 

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