September 16, 2013

zCon East

Here’s a free ‘happening’ event I’ll be participating in, which is scheduled for late October: zCon East.

zCon is the zSpace Developers’ Conference, a meeting place to explore immersive, lifelike and interactive technologies with the goal to accelerate the pace of innovation in manufacturing, biotechnology, architecture, government, medical, entertainment, gaming, education, and research.

zCon East brings together those at the forefront of building 3D applications on the zSpace platform. (zSpace provides a highlyrealistic visualization experience, enabling users to directly interact with virtual-­‐ holographic simulations as if they were real physical objects. For a virtual demonstration of zSpace, visit

zCon East includes sessions in technical/user experience, research/academia, and business-oriented topics, conducted by 3D industry experts.  The event is scheduled for Monday, October 21, 2013 at the Microsoft NERD Center in Boston, MA free registration is available. You can Register Here.

This event might be a fit for you if you are a (an):
  • Educator dealing with complex problems that can’t always be visualized, described and solved in two dimensions.
  • Student who aims to create applications of the future
  • Professional interested in emerging tools that allow new human-computer interface models.
  • Software company executive engaged in efforts to accelerate your company’s innovation and growth.
  • Software engineer who creates state-of-the-art and next-generation 3D applications
  • Investor or policy-maker who needs to understand where the future of 3D technology is headed.
  • Researcher who wants to be on the forefront of a major shift in human-computer interaction.

I'll be there. If you get there, please look me up.  Let’s do coffee and conversation!

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