August 5, 2013

3D in Tech Ed (2)

And now, the fierce conclusion to our story (see previous post): 
Technology Education is a unique opportunity for 3D. Most manufacturers, content developers, integrators, resellers—and even educational technologists—miss this point. They think the high-leverage infusion point for stereo 3D technologies sits with the large body of science and math teachers across the land. These educators certainly represent the largest market, but it is a market laden with challenges. These subject areas have recently become nearly impenetrable due to new common core standards to adopt, too much curriculum to teach, heavy saturation of learning materials, and steeply reduced funding to schools.
Technology Educators, on the other hand, “get it” right away. These STEM educators (teaching technology, design, engineering, pre-med, and other applied sciences) have the time, interest, curricular flexibility, and impassioned students to get this done. They thrive on innovation. They also represent one of the hidden footstools of scalability in schools. It is my experience that, as other teachers in a school see what works in these technology education classes, the desirable new technologies rapidly make their way into science, math, and other classes.

Technology Education is a unique opportunity for 3D. Let's not miss out.

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