January 2, 2012

Editor's Choice

In our last post, we highlighted the most popular Future-Talk 3D blog posts for 2011, based on web impressions during the year. I was surprised to see that one particular post did not even make the top fifteen posts most visited by our readers: Why 3D Counts.

This omission surprised me, because this post identifies the underpinnings of 3D in learning—why 3D in education is so very important. This post connects to an insightful "meta-analysis" by Dr. Nora Newcombe, a whitepaper that goes a long way to explain why 3D holds promise for the classroom, for promoting interest in STEM careers, and for pushing math and science achievement forward. 

For that reason, I am starting 2012 with my “Editor’s Choice” reposting of a singular document that all Future-Talk readers, whether 3D supporters or detractors should read:
Increasing Math and Science Learning by Improving Spatial Thinking

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