January 23, 2012

Len's Favorite 3D Blogs

I thought it would be wise to “spread the love” just a little. I wanted to let you know about my favorite stereo 3D blogs, each very worthy of your attention:

Contains the latest research and information about eye and vision care of children, especially related to stereoscopic 3D.

A Canadian blog focused on the “art, science, culture, and business of stereoscopic 3D,” but I love the art and culture part the most.  

A blog with great insight and timely information, out of Portugal (turn on Google translation).

RealVision Blog
A Dubai-based blog that covers all the bases, ranging from the viewpoint of the cinematographer to that of the consumer.

Enjoy the journey!


  1. Thanks Len! These are great blogs.

  2. Try this one Charles: http://bsandrew.blogspot.com/2012/03/people-who-hate-3d-movies-should-have.html

  3. nice information about Future-Talk 3D,