December 14, 2015

Presente3D News

Presente3D sells the best 3D PowerPoint plug-in I have seen on the market, and now they have raised the ante. Or should I say, lowered the ante? They have lowered their plug-in product cost to $9.95 per user for the education market.  See this offer. Dennis Cafiero, the company president, noticed a tripled uptick on purchases with the lowered price: “What I noticed was when people were buying it at this [price] level, the average user was buying for 3 pc's.” Frankly, this goes a long way to solve the problem of multiple user acquisition in cash-strapped schools. 3D costs are too high for education customers, and this is one of the first of many manufacturers I now see going for the advantages of volume purchasing. Smart move.  Presente3D will also be releasing a 3D video player and image converter in the near future. 

1 comment:

  1. Amazing! It's great to see how far this technology is coming. I definitely have got to try this plug-in out!