June 2, 2014

What Educators Say

After reviewing last week's post, what do you think educators actually say about “chasing efficiency” when using 3D in instruction? Below are a few insights on this topic.

Educators in last year’s Sensavis study of 3D in the classroom noted:
  • “Lesson speeds can also be positively impacted with 3D content. For example, a lesson that normally required two to three class periods to complete was taught in just one class period.”
  • “The majority of teachers felt that teaching with 3D saved class time as they were able to teach more and to more depth than without the 3D.”

Similarly, classroom teachers involved in the European LiFE study observed:
  •  “We find we can cover more material in a shorter amount of time. Also what the children are learning is more complicated and deep compared to what they would have learnt before. “
  • “The pupils can learn all at the same time and they learn a lot at once and so I find I can actually cover more in the same time. “
  • “I would definitely say that it shortens the time to teach concepts.”

Whether the technology’s use frees up instructional time, or it enables the learners to cover more ground, learning efficiency matters because time is the scarcest resource in schools. Time is at the top of every teacher’s list of needs. Number one. Period.

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