October 28, 2013

A New e-Book

Sensavis Visualization AB, the Stockholm-based 3D visualization company, recently released an e-book entitled “The Future of 3D Education: What every educator should know about 3D in the classroom.” This e-book features the latest research and information about 3D use in education. The e-book provides examples of successful implementation of 3D technology in the classroom and asks the key question: “Is it something that could work in your school?” In particular, the e-book explores such critical questions as:
  • How does 3D improve learning?
  • What is needed to make it successful in the classroom?
  • How does it affect the way teachers teach?
  • What benefits does it carry for promoting improved vision health?

This e-book does a very good job adding to 3D’s recent momentum in educational circles. It not only talks about the future of 3D in many educational contexts, it also explains to adults not familiar with stereo 3D that “this is not your childhood 3D.”

I am also impressed with its reference to the neuroscience that supports visual learning in education: “85% of students prefer visual and kinesthetic learning while only 15% prefer hearing about a topic as a way to learn about it.” 
If Future-Talk blog readers would like a copy of “The Future of 3D Education” e-book, just use this link to sign up up to receive a free copy:  http://the3dclassroom.com/ebook-offer/

Sensavis recently announced their flagship educational product, the 3D Classroom, their first foray into K12 education, so this e-book is timely in its release. Previously their work had concentrated 3D visualization in the corporate, university, and medical education fields.

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