January 21, 2013

On the Road Again

I’m doing quite a bit of presenting this year on Teaching and Learning with Depth (transformative teaching and learning using stereo 3D). Here is a current list showing my speaking schedule, in case you are interested in attending. If you are in the vicinity, it’s also always a good excuse for an opportunity to meet and have some coffee or conversation.

Location and Date
Austin, TX
February 4-8
-       When 3D Comes to School (Monday BYOD Workshop) and 
-       Teaching with Depth: Why 3D Matters. (Tuesday TATN Session)
Tech Forum
March 1
-       Depth-defying Learning with 3D
Columbus, OH
March 7-9
-       Immersive 3D Comes to School
San Diego, CA
March 11-13
-       Teaching with DEPTH: Why it Works, Why it Matters
Detroit, MI
Cobo Center
March 20-22
-       Your Very First 3D@Macul Bootcamp (Hands-On PC lab)
Colorado TIE
Copper Mt., CO
June  18-20
-       Teaching with DEPTH
ISTE Nat’l Conference
San Antonio, TX
June 23-26
-       In the TI booth at the Exhibit Hall

San Antonio, TX
-       SIG3D Opening Launch Meeting

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