January 7, 2013

Future-Talk World View

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The Future-Talk 3D blog serves a diverse international audience interested in educational 3D. Our readers might be interested in seeing which countries were our top ten blog visitors during 2012. Based on web impressions for the 2012 calendar year, here is how the data shape up:

It is worthwhile to note that there is a relentless back-and-forth wrestling match for sixth place between the Ukraine, Australia,  and India. Also, tenth place France is trailed closely by the Netherlands and then Japan. 

Are there any surprises here? Or are these just “the usual suspects?” What do you think? Please comment.

Of course, this chart only represents the top ten. Many hundreds of other visitors have frequented this blog from countries all over the world. Future-Talk 3D blog has been visited by nearly every country in North, South, and Central America. The same is true for Europe; the entire Middle East is also broadly represented. Most of Asia has visited us, as well as more than 16 countries from Africa.  

I want to thank you for your deep and committed interest in 3D in education. Please write me, let me know what you are doing in your country. I would love to feature some interviews in 2013.

[Special Note: We have many visitors from Latin and South America, and I offer you a heartfelt ¡Gracias! -- Estoy a la espera de viajar a Belize, Honduras, México y Florida (FETC) en enero (2013), por lo que si le gustaría juntarnos para algún café y conversación, envíe me un correo electrónico .]

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