February 6, 2012

5D Does 3D

Here’s something you haven’t heard about in the 3D world, I bet. It’s on the edges of the 3D experience, I admit, but it’s worth knowing. This is a unique gift idea for you 3D-interested folks out in the blogosphere. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and this concept would also make sense for any 3D company wanting to give out awards, employee recognition trophies, or singular appreciation gifts to key customers.

I was in Orlando this week for some speaking engagements and I happened to come across a store with a mysterious sign:

Being early in the morning, the store was closed. The next day, I passed by the store again, and this time it was open for business. I entered the 5D - Foto store with keen skepticism and was immediately delighted.  These folks make crystals—and are able to inset 3D etchings (not 2D etchings) within the crystal. 

You can either pose live or send 2D pictures and have them rendered into 3D. You can insert images of people, objects, beloved pets, products, or even company logos.  I thought to myself, “This really makes sense if your business involves 3D.” Similarly, schools could use it to honor students, donors, retirees, or memorable teams. 

Interestingly, this is the only store of this type in the U.S. Four such operations exist in the U.K., however.

On a more macabre note, one of the options available, upon your death, is to insert your ashes and genetic signature in a crystal. The crystal is then inset with a 3D replica of your genetic DNA structure. It’s a more scientific way for friends and family to remember you.

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