July 9, 2018

Advice to the VR Industry

Here's some advice for the burgeoning VR industry. These suggestions are for the hardware, content, and integration people alike, notions that will help you effectively reach and scale in the K-12 and university market place:
  • improve the digital quality and feel of your VR graphics; 
  • employ more favorable pricing for cash-strapped schools, small-sized schools, and rural schools;
  • realign your volume purchase schedules to create greater incentive to buy (currently many pricing schedules unkowingly disincentivize customer purchase);
  • offer a straight-out purchase solution (as opposed to annual pricing structures, which are distasteful, painful, and unsustainable to most schools).
Many great VR products develop minimal sales traction when they unkowingly pursue a pathway toward pricing failure. Just saying.

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