March 21, 2016

3D Shufti: NEO3DO

‘Shufti’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘look!’ It was brought back to Britain after the Second World War by returning soldiers who learned the word from Arab peddlers. Its meaning now suggests taking a quick look around. That’s the purpose of the next five posts—taking a 3D shufti—a speedy reconnoiter of some happenings in the area of educational 3D.

NEO3DO Set to Release Next-gen Product
While travelling to Las Vegas to compete in the Senior Games (competitive volleyball) in St. George, I paused to meet with David Briggs, co-founder of NEO3DO, the autostereoscopic tablet manufacturer. He offered some news about their next-gen NEO tablet. “What will differentiate this product”, I asked? Briggs responded: “The speed of the processor, megapixels of the camera, and the screen resolution will all be greatly improved.” “Both 7” and 8” autostereoscopic android tablets are on the table for us”, he added.

He also mentioned that their strategy was involved “pushing the why over the sizzle and wow” in promoting 3D. NEO3DO plans to lead with a strong content posture with the new release. “With higher computational ability and graphics processing, we expect our next gen device to be more amenable to 3D educational and game content.” He noted: “Tons of VR content will work with 3d tablets. We are also making inroads in the medical market (medical displays), and we are planning to support stereo vision acuity testing and therapy.” He also mentioned the use of “stereo cameras on drones controlled from the new tablet.” Learning from the content mistakes of others in the autostereoscopic market, he mentioned that: “The NEO3DO Next Gen will be loaded with content, films, and educational resources.”

According to Briggs, the numbers look good. “We are working with higher numbers of pre-ordered units and have garnered considerable interest from some of the production houses.”

I own a NEO3DO, and let me say--it is a tool that impresses educators--so this is very good news.

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