June 15, 2015

3D's plus one (2)

Well, the survey results from last week’s post are in and the winner for the symbiote-most-likely-to succeed as 3D’s plus-one is… gesture control.  Does gesture control in fact hold promise as 3D’s plus-one, at least in the educational market? Apparently, it does. At last year's ISTE 2014 educational conference a demonstration booth offered by Leap Motion drew outsized crowds, along with the prerequisite oohs and ahhs, while demonstrating gesture control with known 3D modeling and visualization software. See the example below:

Hold on, now! Not so fast! I don’t agree with the tech heads and gadget geeks on this one. The Leap Motion Booth was indeed a sexy proposition as 3D’s potential plus-one, but my instinct says this was merely a gadget crush. In the education market, delivery outscores feature set:
Imagine being able to deliver stereo 3D via the Internet, enabling 3D companies to dispense with the complexity, copy protection, installation, and reinstallation schemes that so agitate customers. Putting 3D in the cloud will simplify the storage, delivery, and frequent refresh of 3D learning objects and simulations

Is internet delivery of 3D a chimera? I know of several companies working on this, and I can’t get sufficient information from them. It looks like we won’t know 3D’s plus-one until it really shows up.

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