December 10, 2012

3D In Depth

Two new online resources in the arena of educational 3D are now up and running. Here is a quick look at each of them, along with links to access them:

Nancye Blair
InDepth Education: A New 3D Educational Blog
A new 3D blog for education has just arrived on the stage. This new blog is aimed at a unique audience: practicing teachers who are actually using stereoscopic 3D in their classrooms. The blog is authored by Nancye Blair, who is currently an educational technology doctoral student and a seasoned conference presenter.  Named Polk County’s Charter School Teacher of the Year (2008) and a PBS Teachers Innovation Award “Teacher’s Choice” winner (2010), Nancye is one of the nation’s longest-practicing 3D educators. She has made her mark on the speaker circuit, working with an innovative 3D document camera produced by Lumens. She knows her stuff. Plain and simple, her new blog is a much needed resource. While the Future-Talk 3D blog focuses on the larger universe of stereo 3D in education, this new blog is a virtual community designed for teachers—a place to share concrete teaching strategies, lesson plans, and creative ideas for the use of 3D in live classroom settings.  Nancye’s goal with this new blog is to create a thriving community of practice for teachers to hear from other 3D educators about what works, and what doesn’t.  Although the blog is starting slowly, we expect big things from it. You can subscribe to this blog at:

Display Central
Display Central is perhaps the most comprehensive resource on "all things 3D" on the planet. Although educational 3D occupies a smaller footprint on this fact-filled site, it is a great place for educators and innovators alike to go and learn about anything 3D—3D in the past, present, and future. 

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