June 4, 2012

3D Comm

For those readers who want to learn more about 3D in the educational marketplace, or simply wish to increase their knowledge about the possibilities and capabilities of 3D, a high-leverage opportunity is coming your way. 3D Comm Seminars are again being offered at this year’s InfoComm conference in Las Vegas on June 13 and 14.

These 90-minute sessions, taught by Insight Media analysts as well as other leaders in the 3D industry, will focus on “providing unbiased information on many aspects of the 3D ecosystem, and help you gain critical knowledge about technology, markets, applications and uses of 3D.” 

The 3D Comm schedule of offerings includes:

Wednesday, June 13
Introduction to Stereovision and 3D Human Factors
Chris Chinnock
Insight Media
Advanced Capabilities of 3D Projection
Victor Vettorello
Vista Systems Corp./ Christie Digital
System Integration for Stereoscopic Solutions
Norbert Hildebrand
Insight Media
Introduction to Stereovision and 3D Human Factors
Chris Chinnock
Insight Media
3D in Visualization/Simulation
Andrew Jamison
Scalable Display
Autostereoscopic 3D Displays for Digital Signage
Chris Chinnock
Insight Media
3D Applications - Where, What & Why
Norbert Hildebrand
Insight Media 
Thursday, June 14
3D 9
Content Creation for Stereoscopic Displays
Chris Chinnock
Insight Media
Introduction to 3D Displays
Chris Chinnock
Insight Media
Remapping for 2012: 3D and the Education Market Space
Len Scrogan
University of Colorado-Denver
Deploying 3D Displays Using Touch, Gesture and Motion Tracking Technologies
Kurt Hoffmeister

As you can tell, I am one of the presenters. I will be speaking about Remapping for 2012: 3D and the Education Marketspace. My focus will be on three key topics:

  • “What does great eS3D look like?”
  • “How can the industry best prepare for the 2012-2013 academic year in the educational marketplace?“
  • “What changes and developments must be considered in order to reach and succeed in the educational market?“
Please join me if you can, and take time to shake hands and chat one-on-one. You can get more information about 3D Comm at this link.

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