May 7, 2012

Think in 3D

The Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D Camcorder

Some 3D educators are purchasing 3D video cameras these days, like the low-cost Panasonic model shown opposite, so that students can begin to make their own 3D content. This arena will be an increasingly important category of 3D content development in the future—student-created content. So, when asked by 3D educators to recommend a resource guide for teaching tips on how to film in 3D versus 2D, I can easily recommend a new book by 3D expert Clyde DeSouza. The book is called "Think in 3D.” It is quite easy to read, practical, and offers easy entry into this field. In particular, Think in 3D” offers worthwhile educational and psychological insight about the effective use of the 3D medium.

Think in 3D
The kindle version can be located at: 
The paperback version can be found at: 

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