December 5, 2011

I Can See 3D!

Do you have any problems at all with viewing 3D?
If so, see your optometrist as soon as you can.
We live in a 3D world. That is part of the reason why young and old are naturally attracted to 3D in entertainment and education. But what is it like for a person who cannot see 3D in the natural world, like Johnny Depp, who we discussed in the previous post? More importantly, what is it like to be 3D blind and suddenly see in 3D? Such is the tale found in a most touching and eloquent blog, a journey I encourage everyone to read:

I post this link here in Future-Talk 3D so that we can all appreciate the importance of 3D vision health; so we can gain a sense of educational urgency for children, in order that years of struggling in school can be avoided; and so that we recognize the emerging role of 3D technology in both identifying and treating vision challenges.

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